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In what has been a busy year, we are proud to say we've somehow got six songs we've been developing. Two of the songs we've been working on ended up being nominated in the POP MUSIC category of the NCEIA Music Awards. The awards had over 400 entries this year. Shortlisted to 4 songs. 2 of which were two of our compositions. 'Warning Signs' which is EDM/pop and 'I Don't Love You Anymore' which is Acoustic pop.

We had the pleasure of being asked to perform at the awards night for the first time and were joined by Tori Dixon (backing vocals of the Clueless Duo) and Luke Ferguson (Fergo on Bass) to join our band.

We are proud to announce that "Warning Signs" an unreleased EDM/pop tune won BEST POP SONG of 2019. We thank NCEIA for the encouragement over the years. This is our THIRD win which has enabled us to continue to write tunes together.

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